Monday, February 20, 2012

More honesty to the world, please...

I was looking for quotes about honesty and found:

" Honesty has come to mean
 the provilege of insulting you to your face
without expecting redress."
                                                         /Judith Martin

"People who are brutally honest
get more satisfaction out of the brutality
then out of the honesty"
                                                   /R J Needham

What is wrong with people??
Is this really the view about honesty??
 I am seriously chocked!!

My new hairdresser ís very honest...
Last time I was there she told me my hair has a dull cardboard box tone...
 I understood directly that it can't be a good thing to compare my haircolor with a greyish box...
Thanks to honesty my hair is now shiny in a brown/redish color...
My hair is looking good and I am a happy and satisfied customer
If you ask me
Honesty & Honest people rules!!!

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