Monday, April 22, 2013

Mr Niklovski's scanning adventure in US

A couple of weeks ago Mr Nikolovski flew to US, Texas for meetings and training with his department. Of all the stories and happenings he was telling me about, this one made me laugh so hard....

When flying back Mr Nikolovski got a bit scared of all the big super scanners they have in the airports in US. Scanners that scan your whole body very thoroughly. Too much radiation is not good, so Mr Nikolovski asked to be scanned manually. In Dallas it was no problem they scanned him with a handheld scanner and he was good to go. In Chicago he asked the same thing. "No problem sir" said the security guard and pulled out a latex glove. "Please take you pants off so I can examine your anus!" Mr Nikolovski had not expected such extreme examinations for bombs and had to think quick to get himself out of this situation. "I changed my mind" he said and try to look as sorry as he could. "Too late, you asked for manual scan and you are getting a manual scanning!" Mr Nikolovski looked even more sorry and innocent (the puppy face) "sorry sir I am just scared of the radiation coming from the scanners, but I changed my mind I don't mind the radiation..!" After a big sigh the guards let him go. He jumped through the scanner and promised himself never to ask for a manual scanning again. 

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