Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Town-life collection

Houses has always inspired me and been created in my drawing-pads over and over again. Fantasy mushroom houses, troll houses and typical Swedish red farmhouses with stables and a green garden. I also remember one summer when I was around 13 years old and worked all summer with a view of a little street with French type buildings and a cute café with green chairs. While I draw I am living there at that place in that house, on that farm or walking that street. I can smell the grass, the coffee, I know how it looks inside and what life is like in that painting. I love to enter to my creative dream worlds. Lately I have again started to draw houses and this time it is very influence by town-life and my sceneries while walking the streets of Prague. Prague has amazingly beautiful facades in different styles and colors and decorated with many impressive statues. Does this means that I am really living in my creative dream world?

This painting is currently displayed at a new modern Thai restaurant in Prague 3, Kiin

This painting was a birthday present to my friend Christine.

And this one is at the moment sleeping in my illustration box. 

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