Sunday, December 8, 2013

Memories, functionality, playdate & pottery all in one

A few weeks ago me and a couple of friends and babies returned to Maluj Kreatini Kavarna in Vinoradhy ( Prague) Here you can combined a good cup of coffee with creativity in pottery form. Also a playcorner although very dirty for the kids to entertain themselves. On the selves there is a lot of different pottery in different size and form that you can pick and choose what to create on. I decided to make a plate and bowl for and together with Mila. Mila cooperated and contributed with her hand-print, great way of remember this mini hand in years to come. Fun day for everyone mothers as well as babies, although mothers could've stayed a lot longer then the kids. The pottery got sent of for burning and glossing and yesterday I picked up the final products. It looks pretty cute and can't wait for next time..

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