Friday, January 10, 2014

December run so fast

Time has flown by and especially December was a pretty fast passing month. Here comes a short summary of what has happened in Team Nikolovski household during December.
20/12 Birthday party in the house for our mini member who turned one year, wow already one year. It has truly been one amazing year ( I will right more about our first year as parents in a later post) We had a great party with a super sweet bunch of wild small people and their nice mothers here to celebrate with us.

Christmas preparation in moderate doses. I did all my Christmas shopping together with everyone else in Prague and annoying asking myself why the hell I couldn't have done this in November when all the shops were empty when I anyways only needed a few things to get here and there. I made some fudge which I eat very quick together with far too many gingerbread cookies weeks before Christmas ( go figure what my new year resolution will be..) Great granddad/ granddad Sven-Hugo came from Sweden to help us to get the Folkesson traditional Christmas sausages organized. Prague was full of Christmas markets here there and everywhere, some cute stalls but mainly crap although great Christmas atmosphere if you like too much people in limited space.

We had a nice relaxing Christmas with my dad here. Long walks in nice mild December weather. We enjoyed some traditional dishes from the Swedish Julbord such as herring and rice porridge (tomtegröt) and a few Czech beers with that.

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