Wednesday, May 28, 2014

First of May

First of May is a very important date. It is not only a day of demonstrations and welcoming that finally the spring is here but it is also my friends Titti´s birthday. Heaven forbid if I or anyone else would forget this day!! The good thing is that she starts to remind people in her surrounding well in advance that her special day is approaching to make sure not to be forgotten. We have known each other for 22 years this year ( My God who old we are ?!) which means that I have remembered her big day for some years now.

When we were younger her mother used to bake a great cake based on almonds called Måntårta (moon cake) a good reason not to be too hang over from Valborg celebration the day before so I could maximize my share of the cake, it is by far my favorite cake.

This year I decided to make this illustration for her. It is basically saying that I wish that we were closer to each other so we could celebrate here with presents, balloons & cake. And maybe have a coir signing only for her and that I would join the demonstrations to make first of May only her day.

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