Wednesday, January 28, 2015

IF: Passion

This weeks theme on illustration forum Illustration Friday is Passion 

For me horses has been my big passion since I was a small girl. I started to ride in the local riding school in Vingåker when I was four years old and only wanted to ride the stables biggest horse, Swedish girl aka Flicka. I still remember the disappointment if I had to ride one of the small Shetlands ponies called Jolly and Polly. At 7 years old I got my first own pony/bestfriend, Ballerina, the cutest of the cutest welsh mountain ponies who stayed in the family for 17 years. Ballerina was just as novice as myself and so everything we learned we learned together. She had a heart of gold to say the least. After Ballerina came Mr Herbie, Pojken, Pikona och many more through the years. So I more or less grew up in the stable where we (big group of girls in the same age) did more but sometimes less horsey oriented activities. And every other weekend was spent at competitions. The passion for horses also took me out in the world. After I finished school I moved to Holland to work at an internationally well-known showjumping stable, Stal Tops and I stayed in the horsey world for some years. 

Today I don't have the chance to be around horses living in a big city and I actually don't feel that I have the need of it either at the moment, but everything has it time and one day I might be back in the saddle or at least stand on the side to give advice to our small girl. 

I don't draw horses too often and that is because as much as I have through the years practiced to draw them I have not improved one little bit. They still look just as bad as they did 15-20 years ago!! 

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