Friday, April 24, 2015

Recycling cats

As you might know I love to reuse materials and products. It is a great feeling to make something old into something new and fun. We live in such consumer society were everything should be cheap instead of long lasting quality made by people who got fair payment in good work conditions. Hallelujah! No I am not a saint just as bad as everybody else consuming too much. But trying to at least pretend that I am trying to make semi good choices and also reusing materials for my projects.. I think I have shown my husbands well worn t-shirts in new format before.. I use textile paint which can be washed in washing machine to create my figures ( recently mainly cats) the paint is not that easy to paint details with so sometimes I also use textile pens. I use these small pattern patches to stich on as decoration on clothing or in this case small handbag for cat crazy 2 year old.

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