Thursday, November 12, 2015

Memory Illustration & Russian update

Tonight I managed to put together a memory illustration from November and our Moscow adventures. We have been here just over a month and time is really flying by not far off before we are heading back to Sweden for birthday, Christmas & New Year and Christmas II (orthodox). We have really managed to settled in here better then I ever expected and I am so happy for that. I will list some important happenings. 

Happy girl - I am so proud of Mila that I feel like throwing a big party. We started a kids fitness group twice a week in our neighborhood more or less as soon as we arrived. Mila was so shy and uncomfortable hiding between my legs holding on to me screaming mamma as soon as teacher even looked at her in the beginning. It is in Russian with Russian rhymes and songs and different exercises and I thought it would be fun to met other kids in the area. After a couple of times I thought this will never work why am I putting her through this. But she wanted to continue and so we did and now she is running around having so much fun feeling comfortable and slowly learning some Russian words and songs ( and so am I ) She is at least saying hi, bye, thank you and green in Russian. To see her so happy, enjoying and learning new culture makes me so proud, happy and relieved.

Mr Sunshine Filip continues to be our big bright happy sunshine. He is such positive character that he is such pleasure to be around. Even through this hell of teething he is doing his best not letting the crankiness take over.He loves playing with toys and things his big sister is so great and funny. He has started to eat more and more and he is so eager to try everything. Today he tried great soup, chicken and small pieces of Swedish buns.  I admit I am monitoring his poo or no poo business like a hawk and after some issues when he finally manage I am so happy that it is crazy how I can be so happy for poo!!

Rescuing Angel I am so happy to have met a great neighbor and friend in our area. To be honest I don't know what I would do without her. She helps me with all sorts of things bringing me nice products from the market, sending be links where I can order things online, borrowing me things for Filip, not only does she invites us for lunch and dinners she also makes a amazingly good food and it is so nice to really get to taste real homemade Russian food. Mila likes to play with her daughter even if they don't understand each other yet they find a way to have fun together. This is so nice for us and we are so very grateful for this friendship and wish we could do more in return.

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