Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Sketchbook Journal " Lets go swimming in Tolstoy park"

This is a couple of illustrations from my sketchbook journal I made while we were in Moscow from our local park Tolstoy Park in Khimki. The park is great and has all sorts of fun entertainment for kids and adults. Playground, mini zoo, carousels, dance stage, restaurants, cafés, selling corn on the cob in every corner and a sandy beach. Team Nikolovski headed there on a very warm July day. It was very warm and sticky. Me and Mila went for a walk while we left Loren and Filip in the playground. Our plan was to check the beach out. Both me and Mila got super excited that people were in the water so we run back to tell the rest of the team to hurry up and lets go in the water a bit. I was like "we are going to beach hurry up and bring the swim-wear" and Loren replied "Are you insane!!! Who would consider going in the water in a river in MOSCOW??" and I was like "yeah but there is lots of people in the water..." and Loren started to wave hands and speak very loud the balkan way "ARE YOU CRAZY!!! OF COURSE IT IS DIRTY AND IT IS EVEN SAYING ON THIS BIG BOARD STAY OUT OF WATER etc etc etc" Yeah you can understand how stupid I felt of course I understand that brownish river water in Moscow is not for swimming but I was warm and just kind of lost my mind for a second and in that moment promised Mila a swim in there. I had to calm upset Mila down and offer her to go and pat the rabbits and camels in the mini zoo instead. 

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