Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Kindergarten Romance

Do you remember your first love? Or love maybe more your first boyfriend ? Ok yes maybe same thing I don't remember if it was love but I do remember my first boyfriend. I was 4 years old ( i think) he was in the same group at my kindergarten. My kindergarten was called Myrstacken (Anthill) and it was the best kindergarten in the whole universe. My teacher Irma was the best kindergarten teacher one can have. My boyfriend was called Gustav. He always used to make jokes about my surname, Book. Every time we were gonna read he was laughing and asking "are we gonna read Cecilia Book?!" Very funny!! NOT! I got sick and tired of these jokes and one day I told my kindergarten teachers that I had changed name to my mothers surname, Folkesson. The teachers changed all my name tags and my mother was very confused when she saw my new name tags but somehow agreed and I change to Folkesson even in all the official registers...
Gustav could not understand how I could pick fish and potatoes as my favorite dish and order it for the whole kindergarten at my birthday. Gustav picked on his birthday corn on cob and hamburgers. I also remember that one day when we were walking hand in hand to a sporthall he was looking at me instead of the road so he bumped straight into a lamppost.. We have much later discussed and tried to figure out exactly which lamppost he walked into.

Mila has also found her first boyfriend at her kindergarten. His name is Melker and is such gentleman. He comes to greet her by the door every morning helping her to take off her shoes and jacket and to comfort her when she is sad seeing me off. During our last vacation she told us she was missing Melker numerous times per day and also spending lots of time think what to bye him as a present. When they go for walk they are holding hands and my god they look too cute on the picture kindergarten teacher sent us. Mila and Melker has already agreed that they will get married and Mila thinks Melker will make an excellent dad.  Too cute. Unfortunately due to some mess at the kindergarten Melker has changed to another place but we are trying to catch up and let them play when we have the chance.

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