Thursday, March 30, 2017

Illustrated journal: Chairs up chairs down

Working as a teacher in high school is challenging, fun and very rewarding. Teenagers are confused, lazy and pretty funny. One situation I come across every week is chairs up chairs down. While cleaning the floors cleaning personell lifts the chairs up on the desks in the classrooms and when I start the lesson I need to lift chairs down. Well technically I would think that I should not be the one having to lift the chairs down ( Yes of course if I am the first one in the classroom but I am not) But my students comes in to the classroom lifts down ONE chair = THE chair they are aiming to sit on. It doesn't seems to bother them at all that they are sitting like in a jungle of chairs. They can not see the white-board, not each other and I can hardly see them behind the wall of chairs. When I start to lift the chairs down they are not feeling uncomfortable standing up to help ( only one student helped me on his free own will so far) I am walking around giggling to myself as they look pretty funny in behind chairs and shocking at the same time that they are not feeling that they should stand up and help with such simple task. Maybe we did the same in that age!? Did we ? Really? Or have teenagers of today become more reluctant to help or to see obvious things ?

(Sorry for the really poor illustration with weird perspectives and angles.. But I hope you get a feeling of how it is to sit next to chairs.. Would you lift them down or just sit yourself down next to them ?)

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