Thursday, May 16, 2013

No no no !

Baby Nikolovski is a sweet little character with a mind of her own. I was at first hesitant of giving her a pacifier. Worried that it might be difficult to wean her off it in the future. When we finally tried she totally refused it. We have bought zillion five hundred different types and keep trying to convince her to use them, but no way baldy!  I am actually not sure anymore why I keep forcing them on her. She must think I am a raving lunatic who wants her to suck plastic. I promise I will give up soon, just try this new cool orange one first..

The same big no no goes for eating from a bottle. Stubborn little thing. She can play and drink from the bottle when it has water inside but as soon as it is milk she shows very clearly it is NO to even consider to drink from it. No no no!! Man we have been trying and trying but not a chance/ nema chanca !! Such a small person with such huge will, I wonder where she has got that from...

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