Thursday, March 12, 2015

Out of town

Big part of Team Nikolovski will be out of town for sometime now when finally the beautiful spring season is coming to Moscow ( no not bitter that we survived the ugly cold winter season and will miss from what I have heard the best season in Moscow) We have done I don't know how many pro and con lists what to do and came to the decision that we will use our Sweden home as base for sometime while baby number two will be born. Logistic reasons and to have family close when we go from three to four is the main reasons behind.
We have during these few months after Christmas managed to get more use to our Moscow life and so it feels a bit strange to leave for a while. But also great to be able to have the best of two very different worlds. 
What I have learned from our time in Moscow so far is:

- All the Russians I have met is much nicer, helpful and service-minded then my expectations
- In the playground all kids are everyone's, babushkas will make sure that the kids are dressed properly and also there to give a helping hand to all the kids (strange at first but very nice when you get use to it)    
- No problem to find good quality food from all over the world in the supermarkets ( you just have to be prepared to pay...)
- The traffic is intense and a bit crazy but somehow a well-organized chaos without feeling of frustrations
- Many nice and cute café's and restaurant in every corner not the picture I had of Moscow before I moved here

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