Sunday, March 1, 2015

Recycling thoughts

We don't have any recycling options here in Moscow. It hurts me. It feels so wrong to just trow everything in one big garbage bag. Especially plastic and all these glass bottles and jars. When we first moved I saved bottles and jars in the kitchen hoping they would start recycle but pretty fast it ended up looking like a recycling station in my kitchen. So instead I have been thinking what I can remake in my creative corner not to let everything go waste. 

Here is one of my first experiments with glass milk bottles. Painted and decorated with washi tejp in different colors. Simple but pretty cute result. 

And serves pretty well as a vase 

Here is also some of my other ongoing recycling projects. Loren's well-used T-shirts transformed into new creations with fabric paint and will be decorating different sewing projects. 

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