Thursday, June 25, 2015

Midsummer update & illustration

First of all I do miss my scanner! The illustrations doesn't really come up that well with the camera on the phone and I also don't really have the time at the moment to work on them in the computer. However here is the annual Midsummer illustration. Great memory to capture this very Swedish celebration in an illustration.

As the previous three years Team Nikolovski celebrated at Lugnet, my mother and her husband's very nice summer house by the lake. The traditional herring & snaps lunch was planned to start at two o clock and the we got order to be there well in advanced. To follow this order we decided to get ready and leave the house straight away after breakfast (late breakfast but not that late...) My God it takes time to get a two and a half year old ( refused to change from pj to something more decent), a small baby (little cranky because of some tummy issue specially for this day) and a husband ready to go. To pack for this crew only to stay for a couple of days is a whole operation alone. Finally all set in the car, we didn't get very far before we had to make our first stop because of a upset little boy. All in all I think we stopped 4-5 times for feeding & diaper change, which doesn't normally happen typical it would happen when we had a scheduled celebration to attend. Eventually we got there well after two o'clock though.

Nice to meet the midsummer gang, family from both my mothers side and her husbands side. The youngsters had dropped off from last year I guess hanging with their mum & dad and small kids is not really a teenage dream for midsummer. The lunch was great. The rain was hanging in the air as it should on a traditional Swedish Midsummer. It was pretty cold ( read f**cking freezing..) but a must for Midsummer is to sit outside so everyone was kitted with blankets, woolen shirts & the infrared + the gasol warmer was on full speed. The annual competition kicked off after lunch and a lot of passion was put into talking about who would win this year & detail measuring. Mr Nikolovski was in the end the proud winner this year again!! BBQ dinner and a lot of nice discussions for the rest if the evening and night. I managed to put my team members to sleep and stayed up waaay too late.

Thanks all for great Midsummer again this year!

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