Monday, June 1, 2015

Small feet memories

It is so hard to remember how small babies are. When Filip arrived and I got him in my arms I was chocked just how tiny a newborn really is. And it is even more chocking how fast babies and kids grow and grow up ( a statement which I didn't believe when Mila was just born but proven to be right..) Filip has already grown 3 cm & like 0,5 kg. Like I did with Mila I have now made prints of his small little cute feet. Instead of adding color to the feet I put oil on and then use watercolor over the oily print to make the footprint to show up. Great memory indeed.

Here he is enjoying mormor Mi's view from their summerhouse

Me and Mila also likes to make prints of our hands and fingers. Here is a bunch of cute finger figures in different moods. We make little stories about them as we go along. 

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