Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Country girl

Mila is born in Prague and spend her baby time in parks, cafées and restaurants socializing with other city kids. So when we moved here to the deep Swedish forest this spring she was far from impressed with living close to nature. Not that she was scared or anything but simply just didn't know what to do. Me born in this forest tried to convince her that there is plenty of cool things to play without fancy playground toys. But she continue to long for the city life. At one point she very loud complained every time coming here that she wanted to be in Prague, Moscow, Stockholm or anywhere but here. Heart breaking. We have now been here for over 5 months and slowly but surely this city chick has turned into a real country girl. The other day I asked her " Do you want to go in to town and play in a park or go out in the forest to pick blueberries?" and as fast as she could she put on her rubber boots and said "picking blueberries!"

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