Monday, August 17, 2015

Tapee in the house

Lately you find them everywhere.. In family living interior design magazines, creative blogs and on Pintrest. Super cute tapee's for kids in different trendy colors and patterns where the kids can play, hide or read. I have been thinking for a while how I best create one for Mila as I think it is pretty cool to have a little hideaway tent or maybe I just think they look pretty sweet and simply got inspired by all the glossy magazines and pictures.
The benefit with living in the forest is that the resources of good material for the tapee body is huge. Even more so this year as the farmer has cute down quiet a lot smaller birch around us and just left it. So one day I went out with my big secateurs and cut what I needed. I also involved my dad in the project to get help with the fastening the wood together and to make sure it wont collapse. A cute flower pattern cloth in pink, orange and green tones got used as a canvas. A little lamp installed and some cushions ( although I still need to work more on the base with more pillows or maybe a mattress) Mila's interest is not too impressed and not really playing in it but another family member loves it... Cat Levis loves to sleep in it ! 

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