Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Moving East

I came from Moscow to Vingåker, Sweden, in March
Spring came and my belly was growing
The builders came and finished great and necessary projects on our house
Baby Filip arrived in May like the brightest sunshine in our life
Summer and the light nights came
Or actually the summer never really came as it was raining and pretty cool all summer but great weather when having a small baby and a 2,5 year old who likes to ride
It was hard to adjust to our country life and it was even harder being a part with Loren working in Moscow and me and kids living in Sweden
We got used to and formed a very nice country life and spending a lot of time and bonding with grandparents
Seeing family members on regular basis
Blessed with not only reconnecting with old friends but also making new great friends
Although of course still very hard spending so much time being apart as a family
September came and offered great autumn weather and lots of chantarells and berries in the forrest
It feels so good that we have built such nice home base in Lundsätter
Our country home that we all came to feel very nice in not only me but also the kids

1 October me and Mila & Filip flew over to Moscow to create our second home and base there
We are excited to be together the whole family and to utilize our city base as much as we can
We are more positive this time around and hungry to make the most out of the privilege of having two homes on in the nature close to friends and family and one in a big city and everything that has to offer.

Our blue house

Our new very cute neighbourhood in Ivakino

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