Sunday, October 11, 2015

Someone up for coffee?

First week back in Moscow. I am unpacking boxes creating home slowly but surely. It is great so much space. I can focus here and there to organize and to find home for everything, no rush. Or that's what I am trying to tell myself. I am so eager to get things how I want it and to unpack every box. But I am trying not to stress it and I think I am doing a pretty good job this time. The area is very cute and it feels like a great decision to move here instead of living down town. But it does take time to settle in and feel comfortable for all of us. I have moved so many times that I know that it is no walking in the park this with moving, but I also know that with time we will feel home and find our way around. I thought I with all my experience moving to different countries would feel calm with the knowledge that I will feel home and find great people just give it some time, but I can't help getting a little stressed and want to reach this stage now now. I guess that's why I am sitting drawing coffee cups hoping that I soon will have someone to invite for a nice strong coffee. 

Vår första vecka tillbaka i Moskva. Jag har packat upp flyttlåda efter flyttlåda för att får ordning och skapa hem här. Men jag försöker att inte stressa utan njuta av att det är så mycket utrymme och att jag faktiskt inte måste packa upp varenda pinal utan känna in och ta några steg i taget. Det känns bra att vi valde att flytta hit lite utanför stan och i detta mysiga bostadsområde. 

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