Saturday, January 16, 2016

Christmas 2015

Not much activity here at the blog for some time. I have had a break from computer partially by purpose but mainly because my computer broke down big time. I know I can update via other devices but not the same for me typing on the screen. I am emotional connected with my keypad and my computer and I am very grateful that great IT people managed to bring my computer back to life.

 So what have Team Nikolovski been up to. Well we left Moscow and headed to Sweden first of Advent. We have had a long great great stay with lots of fun activities and a fun December running up to Christmas. Mila did a premier visit to Stockholm Horse Show as well as learning all about St. Lucia and performing as the cutest Lucia all of December but of course with a peak at 13 of December. We have also enjoy being in the stables and I am so happy to finally be back in the saddle and utilize muscles that has been in hibernation for years. Mila has reunited with her best friend Malou and yes they are still great together. Filip reunited with morfar Stefan and have enjoyed hanging with him. My mother helped with taking the kids so me and Loren could enjoy our first evening out down town Stockholm by ourselves, I think first date night in 3 years. I am so happy that the kids are creating such great relationships with both grandmother and grandfather and aunt. We have seen our great friends and family and prepared the house for Christmas with decoration, baking and songs.

Lots of fun and  I am happy that we have our base in Lundsätter and that everyone in the team feels home and comfortable. Here Christmas in some pictures.

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