Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year 2017 !! 
Good health and happiness is what I am wishing for
Also some of my humble expectations for 2017
Good fun, continue my teaching job, house in Örebro, lots of fun with the team, trip to Prague, trip to anywhere to enjoy more pulse then country life and good times and development with the horse. 
I will quote Mr Nikolovski "Thank you and Fuck you 2016"  

My year was not all that bad I have to say but I do understand where he is coming from. The hard part was that the team was so much apart. Though for L to travel back and forth to Moscow could never really relax always thinking that soon he has to leave. Hard for me and the kids to wave bye bye and to manage by ourselves and missing each other. Moscow was not a city for us, a good experience and good memories and friends of course but also a lot of anxciety not feeling home not managing to adapt 100 %. It was a relief that we made the decision that me and kids will head home to Sweden and heartbreaking at the same time to split team for some time which we at the time had no idea for how long. 

I got teaching job a new carrier path for me and a new step for Team Nikolovski with routines with job and daycare. Schooling in at daycare took for ever. Mila was begging not to go there and crying crocodile tears for 2-3 months. Filip was howling already in the car every morning when I turned up to daycare. Granddad Stefan was there with them and supported. And so came the day when it was no tears and no screaming and both kids actually wanted to go to daycare..... Halleluja what a relief and so nice now when they want to be there and are having great time with teacher and small friends.

Two puppies came to Lundsätter in April, Bozze & Zita. My dad wanted company and bought two puppies that he left with me!! Potty training TWO puppies all summer together with having two small kids = my God how I managed not to go insane or did I go insane ?

End of the summer me and a friend of mine bought a horse, Qina Swedish warmblood 12 years old with good bloodlines, great movements but very green and only ridden for a couple of years. Are we insane?! Yes we are. Two mothers with small children with no time but a passion for horse and stable life as simple and crazy as that. Mr Nikolovski who always has said no way to having horse said nothing and I went along and came home with a horse. What he has realized is that I am a much nicer and happier person, wife and mother if I get to go and mock shit and ride a bit and so therefore he will during first quarter of 2017 become part owner.

Lundsätter did continue to be developed with patio, patio fence, repainted the small house, concrete base on our short-side but we will slow down during 2017 ( my dad will not slow down and whatever we say he does what he wants anyway... He will forever clean garage and then a week later make it a crazy mess again and move things from one place to another) Team Nikolovski will fully enjoy Lundsätter and the beauty of living on the country-side. No rush but we are looking for place in Örebro as we need a urban part of life also.  We will see if it will happen this year or not either way we are good and have all we need - each other! 

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