Friday, January 6, 2017

Mila 4

Time flies too fast. Our little baby just turned 4 years old, F O U R Y E A R!!! How that happened ?! It is crazy what a big girl she is now. So sweet, funny, extra super intelligent, bad mood when tired, creative and the bestest girl in the whole world. Me and L agreed the other day that she gives us more love then we can ever ask for. She tells us how much she loves us like 100 times each day in both Swedish and English. In the morning, in the car, in the busy super market cue, mocking out the stable, on the walk, when I leave her at daycare and when I pick her up she looks at me and with the sweetest voice she says "Mamma! Jag älskar dig!!" Please let her continue feeling that love for us forever and please please keep telling us it sounds so sweet and heartwarming. Yes of course she also tells me sometimes that I am stupid and "a bajskorv" ( a turd)  but not as often as she tells me how great I am and the best mamma in the world. It is overwhelming how much I want to protect her from everything bad or even everything which is not perfect and how I would do anything for her.

I overheard her talking with some toys upstairs. She was explaining what princesses do.. Like a job description for princessess. " Princesses puts make-up on. And they work together with kings. And they take care about babies" She she might like princess dresses and know about make-up but at least her dream job is to work as a machine-driver to drive a wheel loader to be specific.

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