Thursday, July 26, 2012

The way we do vacation

I have recently read some for me strange and also pretty sad articles about vacation stress.. Headlines such as "Don't let the stress take over your vacation" followed by  a lot of advises and tips what to and not to do to avoid vacation stress. For me this stress is very hard to understand and the more I read the more surprised I get over peoples behaviour and habits.

For example according to the articles and columnists from Swedish media that I have read, it seems to be pretty common to share and spend time together at a common owned family summer house. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, children, partners and friends all together at one place. This to me sounds that it could be sweet for a day and a half, if there is space enough for everyone and if you really feel like it. 
BUT Space enough doesn't seems to be the case and worst of all they don't even have a proper indoor water closet toilet with flushing function (normal basic toilet in other words)... No they use outdoor toilet, called dass or baja maja in Swedish (I cant find a good English translation, maybe bog..) Everything done in the bog stays in the bog until further notice...
Bläää, no wonder that people get stressed...

The way Team Nikolovski do vacation
All decisions taken by the board
A lot of good books 
Loren's Daily ritual with coffee and newspaper
Staying in the shadow as much as possible
Drinking beer
Farmers market to buy local products (read tomatoes, olive oil, cheese and bread)
Me eating alot of ice-cream
Husband carrying heavy beach chairs to the beach (OK maybe not totally relaxing so I can´t recommend this...)
Sunscreen with super high factor
AND maybe most important...
A rented apartment equipped with normal toilet !!
For us this is the ultimate recipe for NO stress what so ever

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