Friday, July 27, 2012

Weather Focus and False promises

Summer time is the season that we are dreaming on and longing for.
This short but sweet period of the year is full of expectations and dreams. People from up north is especially excited and ready for the summer as we have managed to survive the cold and dark period only because we know we are waiting for something good.. I can tell you the dark period is a killer and so when the sun finally comes out we northerners are ready to absorb as much of the light and warmth as possible..
Already in early spring Swedish media is starting to write about what the summer weather will be like. Different science, some more reliable than others, are used to look into the future to see what the summer period has to offer us this year. We read it and we discuss it like nothing before..By the time when we are in the middle of this attractive season we discuss nothing but the weather and the different forecasts we have read, heard or seen..To put too much hope on nice summer weather can be risk not to mention how risky it is to put your faith in all these forecasts and what they promise us..  

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