Monday, July 23, 2012

Vacation 2012 edition

Island of Vis

Vis is an island in the Adriatic sea and of all the inhabited Croatian islands this is the farthest one from the coast. Up until 1989 Vis was the navy and military base of the Yugoslavia army and was closed to outsiders. Well preserved nature, beautiful beaches and ecological agricultural, makes Vis an unique island and a great experience.

Team Nikolovski experience
As we reached the little Croatian village Komiza on the island Vis the dark had already fallen. The boiling hot temperature had calmed down and the whole island was quiet and calm. The sound when the waves meet the shore was the only sound to be heard.10 days to enjoy and relax in Komiza, vacation 2012 edition finally here.

We fell asleep after a long day in the car tired, warm and very happy.
Far too early husband suddenly wakes up from a very loud noise coming from outside..

What is going on and what is this?
Big water sprinklers surrounding us at this time in the morning??
After intense research we found out that it is some kind of insects that makes this noise from the sun goes up to the sun goes down during hot temperatures. Wow real stubborn creatures that are making this horrible noises.. It is a good job that we got used to them only after a day or two..

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