Monday, January 7, 2013

Prague in New Years colors

I know that it has nearly gone a week since we welcomed the new year, but I had to make an illustration of the impressive fireworks Prague showed us. I never seen such firework show before, not even the world championship in fireworks at Stockholm water festival sometime back in the 90th was even close to this show. Colorful pyrotechnic in all directions and as beautiful it is I can't help myself from thinking of fireworks all down-sides: All the money spent and lit on fire, that it is too many people blowing a hand or an eye away and of course all the dogs scared to death. Anyhow we had a great view from our balcony and we are hoping that 2013 will be a  good year. It will for sure be a year full of new experiences and all we are asking for is good health.

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  1. I must agree, Prague showed wonderful view of fireworks this year...your picture expresses it perfectly! Happy 2013 and all the best!