Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sharing the childbirth with the world

 Jag följer några mammabloggar, mammor som kort och gott bloggar om livet som mamma. Vad som verkar vara ett måste är att skriva en lång och utförlig text om hur deras barn kom till världen. Förlosningsberättelserna är detaljerade, otäckt närgångna och kan få den modigaste att hissna. Detta är iof ingen regelrätt mammablogg, men jag är en mamma som bloggar som tydligen också har ett behov att publicera min förlossningsberättelse/illustration.

I follow a few mama blogs and what they all have in common are their childbirth stories. No details spared I can tell you. Sometimes even divided into two or three different parts. Gory stories which can scare the most bravest to death. This is not a mama blog, but I a mama who is blogging and therefore it seems that even I have a need to share my childbirth experience, at least a short summary.
  • Contractions = hug the pillow hard and try to sleep
  • Driving through Prague lunch-time close to Christmas can make you a little stressed
  • Wide open and reaching the hospital according to the concept JIT (just-in-time)
  • A whole army of midwives & doctors in all ages and shapes (majority only Czech speaking)
  • Mamma Mia ( I know so many bad words and this was my chance to use them ALL, but I choose an old fashion Italian expression!?)
  • Old grumpy midwife laying on me and I am trying to push her off me ( even more grumpy..)
  • Asking to forget the whole thing and to go home (my serious request denied with laughter)
  • Husband extra ordinary support a la sport commentator (I did hear and remember everything you promised)
  • "Tell her to close the mouth and to push otherwise the baby will never come out.."( same grumpy midwife)
  • "I told you it wasn't that bad " (young doctor, what the hell does he knows about pain?)
  • Hospital food and roommates over all expectations

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