Sunday, July 7, 2013

Lugnet time...

During our stay at Lugnet, I lost the track of the time. It started the first day. We arrived at lunchtime. Had lunch, fixed things here and there. Went for a walk. After the walk Baby Nikolovski seemed a pretty tired (read cranky). I checked the clock on the wall in the kitchen. Quarter to five. I thought oh ok she can have a little afternoon nap. She was so happy to get into bed and fell asleep within a few seconds. I felt a little hungry went to the kitchen had a sandwich. Checked the kitchen clock again. Quarter to five... !? Trying to find a clock that actually work was pretty hard but when I finally found one it turned out to be eight o clock, oooppps no wonder she was tired.. The clock in the kitchen has apparently not been working for years and according to mamma Mi it symbolizes that the time doesn't matter at Lugnet ( Lugnet name of the house and also means "calm" in Swedish) Also quarter to five is a great time for food lovers, always time for dinner.

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