Monday, July 15, 2013

Pappa Book a good deal hunter

Team Nikolovski spent last week in Stockholm. Mr Nikolovski was working hard while me and Mila was relaxing and hanging out with pappa/morfar Stefan. We had a great time with nice weather and a lot of chilaxing time. Our Fatboy hammock has been frequently used.

 I will now tell you more about Mr pappa/morfar Stefan Book a man full of ideas and plans. He is a very creative man who has done more or less everything you can think of. Traveled the world with crazy inter-rail trips and road-trips as a youngster, seen Australia, Middle east, USA and Asia with friends. He has ran discotheques, record-shops, flower-shops, restaurants and hotel. He has built big nice houses and a whole camping of cabins in Idre, Fjällfotens stugby. He has been a policeman, businessman and now a driving instructor. He has always been looking for good deals. One time I remember that the garage was full of nail-polish, creams and other cosmetic in heaps, apparently a good deal. Another time bought all the paintings from an artist he meet somewhere, a good deal as he might be famous one day ( good job they are nice). An other amazing deal was when he bought 20 something horses in a good deal, heaven for a horse girl like me. Many many more deals some smaller some bigger. 

To go shopping ( any kind of shopping)  with a good deal loving pappa is interesting to say the least. In the supermarket he is on alert and scans all the good deals and sales. Buy three for two is great even if he don't really need one. Lately he has been buying a lot of frozen spinach, the deal is if you buy five bags you get a plate for free. He has managed to get a full set of plates. Do I need to say that the freezer is full of spinach. The good thing is that spinach is healthy last time it was whipped cream and pocket books.

Pappa/morfar Stefan Book is also a collector. Everything from nuts and bolts to all sorts of building machinery and material can be found here there and everywhere. I have been told that all pieces of wood taller then 50 cm is worth keeping. He has a lot of stuff indeed. A part from building related collections he has lately started to collect nice small collectors cars in different shapes and forms, there is cars high and low. Also DVD collections about tigers, dolphins and gardens. Huge art print collections from famous painters and a lot of CD:s with classical music.

Thank you for looking after us this week and see you soon again!

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