Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hot trip to Vienna

Beginning of August heatwave in Europe. It was hot in Prague. Team Nikolovski went to explore Vienna and it was even hotter there. But I mean really hot. Like hard to think and breath hot. Like 39 degrees at seven o clock in the evening hot. I might have mentioned it before, I don't do hot very well.. I become cranky and upset. But I am talking really upset and not very pleasant to be around.
We had plan to explore Vienna for a few days like we did Budapest. We had a nice little list of things to see and things to try. The list is safely saved for next time we decide to go to Vienna. It was simply too warm to do anything much. I read a very good book, Mila fell out of bed and Mr Nikolovski was busy sorting parking out ( see below for more info..) We of course also ate a schnitzel or two..

Mila's ears was squashed in the previous car-seat, so she got a new one for big girls. Happy baby. Got her first balloon also which made her even more happy. The ballooned made me scared especially when she tried her two teeth against it.

Back to Mr Nikolovski's parking issues.
He takes parking very seriously, always. He plans parking well in advance. He read signs always even if he is only out walking and the car is home in the garage. He compare parking prices. He finds all the free parking and he get very upset when he can't find good parking. In Vienna there was some parking drama going on. Hotel parking full. Upset Mr Nikolovski " Now we will NEVER find anywhere to park". Unhelpful hotel staff didn't calm him down. German signs didn't calm him down.

Finally he figured out that we could park on the street for 3 hours at the time. He was running back and forth with new tickets, moving car and being upset. Friday evening came and drama over as it was OK to park all weekend on the street for free.

We will come back to Vienna one day and see everything we didn't see this time

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