Sunday, August 25, 2013

Symbols and self-analyse

I am drawing many different things here and there. I got to think about the symbolic and what it says about who am I. I will guide you through what I have found on the big internet and make a very objective analyze and conclusion.


Reading on a rather spiritual site that the symbolic for butterflies are reincarnation and happiness for the life. 



Cats are tame but at the same time an unpredictable wild animal. Soft, innocent and cuddly but in the next minute upset and hissing. Symbolizes changeable and unpredicted.



A symbol for love and security


Who haven't heard smart as an owl. Symbol for knowledge and wisdom.

What does this make of me?

I am sweet and soft. A little unpredictable. Always right. Self-confident and love life very much. 
Hmm no sign of nice and caring. A little naive and always late, but hey not that far off maybe..

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