Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Beautiful season

Autumn is a beautiful season no doubt. We all seems to be amazed and impressed by all the beautiful colors of the autumn leaves that are transforming our landscape and slowly preparing us for cold and dark season. Just go on Instagram and it is currently full of leaves from different countries and perspective. It is touching how we worship the yellow, red and orange leaves, nearly as mush as when they first come in the early spring. I also love this season. Fresh, bright air on a sunny autumn day. All the vibrant colors all around us, so strong, beautiful and powerful.


Time to buy cute and warm scarfs woolen hats, socks and gloves. Light some candles, make hot chocolate and scones and enjoy it in front of a good movie.

All good, but new for this year is the panic over what and how to dress the smallest member of Team Nikolovski. Is she warm enough ? Can she move in all the clothes?  Is she too warm? Do we need overall, jacket, rain-gear and shoes? Warm bag for the stroller? oh yeah talking about shoes they cost a fortune and does she really need it when she is not walking by her own machinery yet? But feet are super cold in moccasins. And on top of all these questions the struggle to get all the cloths on in order to go out ( I know that this is just the beginning..). I am asking myself do I really love this season as much as I am saying?


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