Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Thank you P!ink!!
Thank you to making my baby stop complaining, screaming and making her fall asleep.
When nothing else work we put on your songs and she will listen intense and calm down.
Your CD:s has come to be one of our most important things of all things we owe ( who would think that..). Always on in the car. Some kids use dummies to relax but this crazy baby of ours listens to your music. Here comes her top three songs:
  1. "Just give me a reason" ( works every time and sometimes we have to listen to it over and over again..) 
  2. "Perfect" ( Plays over and over in the car at the moment and I am starting to get a little worried that one of her first words will be Fucking perfect..)
  3. "Don't leave me" ( she loves this rather violent but fun video)

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