Thursday, October 3, 2013

Frustration drives developement..

Before you read any further this is a little warning!! This post comes from a proud mother who wants to remember important dates in her babies development...
Mila was for weeks doing some rather weird movements and getting very frustrated. I was also getting frustrated think that she needs to have a plan with her movements in order to succeed. But what I didn't know was that she had a plan and on 4/9 she manged to go from stomach to sitting up. My God that proudly smile she gave me after mission completed was to die for. A new world opened in front of her.

And she continued to practice different moves. Getting more frustrated. Frustrated over the fact that she was reversing instead of moving forward. I had to give her a helping hand her and there, for example when she got stuck underneath the sofa over and over again. And finaly all the frustration and practising paid off once again.. On 15/9 ( actually the date of our 2 year engagement anniversary, I think..)  she by her own machinery managed to stand up holding on to the step to the balcony. Wow small girl, where did our little baby go? Also managed to crawl forward on a mission to grab things that is not for her to grab. Faster and faster for each day. Standing up holding me and then practicing to let go and balance by herself. She makes me nervous. And very very super proud.

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