Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bag lady

Mila 14 month is showing strong interest for handbags. I hardly have any handbags but more practical sack kind of looking bags. But I do have one silver colored cute handbag which I have inherited from my grandmother. And this handbag she is putting on her arm and walking around with looking very important. How she knows how to carry a handbag in this ladylike way I have not a clue, certainly not from me.. Yesterday when we were out she borrowed a friends little bag and I decided that she needed a bag of her own that she can fill with whatever she fancy and that she can take out with her. And so I made her one.
Black and white cotton fabric from IKEA, a black and white fabric tape I have saved for special occasion ( I think I got it around a present years and years ago) and a pink fabric flower that I bought on a Christmas market in Dresden handmade of Jana Gebhardt. Velcro fastening.

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