Monday, February 10, 2014

Prague view: John Lennon wall

Saturday was sunny and warm, like spring in the air. On a nice long Prague walk me and a friend paid the John Lennon wall a visit. I love street art and especially this wall.

This wall was once upon a time a normal wall in Prague, but since the 80th it has been filled with graffiti inspired by John Lennon. Here you can find quotes, pictures, words and a lot of young tourists. The wall is a symbol of freedom against the communistic regime and was created by youth in Prague. Follow the death of John Lennon they wanted a place to come to to remember the man they admired for his fight for peace, freedom and equality. It became a place to grieve and also to express their opinions about the regime. This was of course forbidden and so the art was created during the nights. Even when the wall was over and over repainted by authorities, the next day it would be full of colorful lyrics, flowers and hearts by the next day. The original paintings are long gone and every time I go here the wall looks different and that's why I like to come back. It is a great place and if you come to Prague you have to check it out. Also every time I have been there is a musicians playing John Lennon songs which make the whole experience even greater.  

The wall is situated at Velkopřevorské náměstí (Velkopřevorské Square) close to Kampa Island. Take the stairs down from Charles Bridge and take first right between two yellow houses and just follow the street a few meters.

When we were there it was a whole bunch of British teenagers there to check the wall out and to have there pictures taken. We over heard one young man who made us giggle when asked his friends whether or not it was allowed to write something on the wall...Ehhh what does it look like ?!

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