Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Recycling project

Finally Mr Nikolovski decided to through out a whole bunch of his old t-shirts. Wash out & well worn t-shirts with yellow mining machines a cross the chest. They were more then ready to be binned after heavy usage. I should be happy, but instead this weird thing happens like every time when I am sorting out old cloths. I ask myself the question "are they really ready to be gone forever?" and I take the pile of old t-shirts and look through them thoroughly. 

This time I decided to utilize them for one of my many sewing projects. These old t-shirts got turned in to little sweatshirts for Mila. Recycling is good and I am following the slogan "Please reuse waste reduce"

Even Mila seems pretty happy with her new garments


  1. you guys are crazy ,having way too much fun at home :)

  2. It is a good job Bojan that Mila let me create and are enjoying helping me (so far...)