Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Animal inspiration

In my sketch book you can find these little animal friends.
It is a lot of animal noises in Team Nikolovski household. Mila is mainly barking like a dog and mjauwing like a cat, but also a lot of other animals is her repertoire such as elephant, monkey, pigeon, frog, small birds, mice, pig, cow, horse and many more. It is not always easy to make the correct sounds when she points and wants to learn new once or just checking my knowledge, for example she has a book about a reindeer... What does the reindeer sound like???

Apart from all the animals sounds her cutest word is by far NALLE ( teddy-bear ) and she is using it frequently. The other day she finally got a big nalle which she is carrying around although it is nearly bigger then herself. Another nalle has to take a bath with her every night, I said no in the beginning as in our boring grown-up world nalle should not have baths on regular basis, but why not?

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