Monday, March 10, 2014

Flying adventures

Last weekend, me and my little globetrotter headed out on adventures to Skåne ( southern part of Sweden) Pappa Loren was suppose to be on business in Mongolia but that trip was postponed and so he went on other adventures, a road-trip to Berlin. Me and Mila has flown quit a lot ( she will soon have a frequent traveler card) and she likes to the airport environment and airplane with all the people and things going on. New for this time was the walking-by-myself-thing. Warm, flushed and super sweaty after a long cue through security I realized how easy it was to travel with company that fits in a Babybjörn...Stroller, heavy bag, backpack, big sized handbag, passports, boarding cards and a one year old running around is rather challenging. But also amazing to see this happy girl running around in the airport waving to people, understanding what is going on, experiencing the belts that moves you without having to walk and flirting with the passengers in the row behind.

We flow to Copenhagen a nice and short flight of one hour and fifteen minutes. Basically we managed to read our tractor book, take off, drink a beer, snack a very sweet Czech airline muesli bar, offer my very precious bracelet to the people behind us and land safely. From Copenhagen airport we took the train over to Skåne and Sweden. One very tired girl when we finally reached Helsingborg. We stayed three nights with godmother Titti and Henrik in their beautiful apartment. We got spoiled with nice freshly baked sandwiches and all my favorite toppings, sushi, Helsingborg brewed beer, homemade stone-baked pizza and a whole load of other stuff which I try not to remember (read shit loads of ice-cream, chips and karamell kungen) Special treat was that Tess made it all the way down south to hang with us one night.We also had the chance to see my brother and Milas uncle Pontus for a lunch. Mila likes him a lot and they are so cute together, one nearly two meters and one 80 cm showing clearly what she wants her uncle to do.

On the Sunday me and Mila packed our bag (my God why did I pack so much clothes so I could hardly close the bags after some shopping!?) and took the train to Lund. Another childhood and great friend is nowadays also located in Skåne. Family Deverdier/Fayyazi in their new cute blue house welcomed us with play, cheese doodles and red wine. Fantastic to see our sweet sweet kids play so nicely together, Mila was extra super excited. I wish we could have playdates much more often.

Do I have state the obvious that we had a super duper great weekend in Skåne. We also managed to get home safe and sound.

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