Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Team Nikolovski In the parenthood jungle part 1

I have managed my first year in the parenthood jungle full of do's and dont's, hard times as well as fun and happy times. All in a great big confusing mix. From one day to another ( kind of besides 9 months of growing bump and hemorrhoids) I got a new title and function in life – Mamma. The most important and best title I could ever ask for. But also a lot to learn and to Google. All the googling and discussions in parenthood forums and blogs have been great help but also a giggle and great inspiration to fun illustrations. 

Here is some of my collection of Hot Topics from the parenthood jungle ( and more to come) enjoy my top five list below.

1.Bottle v/s Breast
Sensitive topic indeed not to mention how sensitive nipples become after experiencing a small baby's powerful suction in combination of their lack of technique. Endless questions, discussions and research what to do and what not to do and what really makes your baby the most clever ?

2. Home-made food v/s Supermaket jars
Where do you find the most nutrition's and the least pesticides for your little sweet heart?
What will they accept to put in their mouth? What to do and what to make ? And most frequent asked question how do you get the time? And how bad are you if feeding your baby jar food straight from the supermarket?

3. Working mum v/s Staying at home mum 
Hot topic indeed at least out of Sweden ( In Sweden the kindergartens are affordable from young age and more or less the only way to do things to fit into the society) There is a little rivalry tone between the two types which is very easy to detect in most forums. Guilt, pride, priorities, carrier and home-made buns in a great big mix of feelings.

4.Sleeping or not sleeping and how they are sleeping
The topic of all topics!! Sleeping, sleeping patterns, sleeping methods, sleeping hours and not sleeping hours. 

5. Pink Princesses
Even out of Sweden it is terrible to dress girls in pink. Pink princesses is like cursing and soooo past decades. To be right in todays climate dress you boy in pink and you girl in blue, black, red, orange and yes whatever color you like but pink.
Today I found great illustration from a Swedish illustrationblog, hejhejvardag, on the same topic.

Watch the space soon more reconnaissances to come from the parenthood jungle !!

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