Monday, April 7, 2014

Early Spring

Spring in Prague has come early. In fact we have not really had winter winter more then one week of snow. It has been warm and sunny, like living in California Loren keep saying. Prague is already blooming and has turned light light green. It is amazing how the nature comes to life again after it's winter hibernation. And it is amazing to be able to enjoy this very nice warm weather. Mila has taken her premier trip on the back of mammas mountain-bike, she loved it and we all loved being back on two wheels. It all run so smooth and easy until we turned home and meet the up hill all the way home. We enjoyed a nice walk in a park today with all beautiful blossoming apple-trees. Great that we are back on track after a hell week with nasty nasty stomach flu.

I have also been painting and sewing. I have new cute fabrics in eco cotton from Lillestoff. I have updated Milas wardrobe with a practical and funky cat tunic and also a new thinner spring hat. A lot more on going which I will present as soon as I can.

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