Sunday, April 20, 2014

More creative dots

More colorful jersey dots with black and purple background. Yes I have been rather productive lately but I can't resist to try new combinations of all my cool fabrics. Here comes a nice mix of creations.


Mormor ordered a going-out-with-the-dog-hat/gardening hat. Thin nice jersey hat in a baggy model. She picked her own combination of black giraffes and dots. I also made one for Mila so they can be matching. 


Below purpule/pink hat was made late night to go with Loren to Turkey as a welcome to the world gift to one of our Turkish colleague´s little girl.

I also made one for Mila and this is how the hat looks on in action. Mila discovering her first puddle. 

Funky jersey dress in size 68 as an Easter present to our little friend Jade who turned 5 months the other day.

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