Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter / Glad Påsk / Veselé Velikonce

Happy Easter / Glad Påsk / Veselé Velikonce ( If you ask me how you pronounce Czech Veselé Velikonce I would tell you "your guess is as good as mine!!")

I think that Easter is one of the best holidays for the simple reason that all the decoration is colorful in a nice pastel way. I have decorated the balcony with colorful eggs. In Sweden the tradition is to decorate branches with colorful feathers but I couldn't find it here in Prague and maybe better as who knows where the feathers come from and how much the poor chicken has suffered. So styrofoam eggs in different colors are perfect. I have also painted a whole bunch of ceramic eggs with focus on pastel blue, pastel green, turcois and white. I can't stop buying more and more eggs and love to try different combinations. I Send one tray as Easter present with my mother who was here last week. 

In my new favorite shop, a shop full of cheap less necessary things with potential to make it cute with a lot of creativity and colors, I found gypsum rabbits that me and Mila has had a lot of fun with. Mila has played intensively with her two rabbits so one ear fell of and the other one snapped in half. I instead decided to paint mine very kitschy and with a lot of  pastel, super cute and so far still out of reach for Mila. 

Mila has also been dressed out as påskkärring " Easter witch " a Swedish tradition that I will explain more in my next post. But I can tell you as much that she loved it as it as it includes heavy make-up and lipstick..

Happy Easter!

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