Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Heading off to celebrate Midsummer 2014

Team Nikolovski is packing. 
We are heading to Sweden tomorrow to celebrate Swedish midsummer
We will head to Lundsätter to stay with my dad and to breath some quit forest air. 
Midsummer eve ( always third Friday in June) we are heading to my mothers summer place where preparations for midsummer started half a year ago. 
We are a pretty big gang and we have already received roles, responsibilities and a detailed schedule for the day.

This is a summary of how our day will look like!
Collect flowers for the maypole, make the maypole, Eat herring lunch & strawberry cake and sing snaps songs and drink snaps. Dance around the maypole, Midsummer Olympics with 6 different competitions, BBQ, Campfire, sauna and swim in freezing lake & at midnight hotdogs. After this we will sleep very very well I am sure!!

If you want to know more about Swedish midsummer here is a fun video for dummies!!  

Swedish Midsummer for Dummies 

 And why we celebrate Midsummer, well I guess it is because it is the longest day and the sun don't even set up north of Sweden. Where we are it will set just to rise up again. After midsummer we are heading towards darker times again, but lets not think of that now!

Happy Midsummer// Glad Midsommar!!

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