Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Relaxing Yoga

Today I finally made a comeback in the yoga studio
A great class on Tuesday mornings for mothers and their walking kids
Great studio and best teacher 
Nice to stretch and to relax

Or actually forget the relaxing part
Sweet cute Mila is having fun but also needs assistance from her mamma
Running around collecting all candles in the room
In need of a snack (bribed to keep happy..)

Asking every two minutes "what is that?"( in swe "ä dä?")

Heartbroken when she wants the same toy as the other kids until her mamma finds a replacement fun activity. And ever so often needs to come up to mamma for a cuddle especially if yoga teacher come too close or touch her mamma.

If you live in Prague and looking for great yoga teacher, check out Wellness Yoga

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