Monday, June 2, 2014

My inspiration, Spot


He is not only inspiration to my illustrations he is also the cutest and wildest pensioner I know.
Nantwich Lad aka Spot came from England to Sweden as a birthday present for my sister 16 December 2004, 10 years ago!! It was a cold and snowy winter that year and he was acting as if he had never seen or experienced cold, snow and ice before. I lived in England at the time and I was helping Family Smith to ride their young horses. They had this very furry pony that was not doing a great lot. He was old already back then and had had an injury to one of his front tendon "Why don't you send Spot to you sister?" Cheryl asked me one day. I thought why to send that hairy old thing with bad legs all the way to Sweden. As I got to hear his history I realized that this pony is just not any old pony he is a very special pony with a extra big heart. 

According to his passport Spot is born 1981 and I have heard that he was bought on Beston cattle market as a young pony by a well-known horse dealer. He had a great show jumping carrier with England's most famous show-jumping family, Whittaker. John Whittaker´s (you know him with Milton and a whole bunch of medals from Olympic and World championships) two kids Robert & Louise was competing him back in the day up to the highest pony level. I heard the anecdote from Olympia stadium in London as Spot was coming to the fences you could only see his ears before he was flying over the fences.
Spot moved to Sweden to my sister 10 years ago. He was dressed out to a reindeer and she got a big surprise when she came to the stable that day and the best birthday present ever. It was love at first sight and he has through the years built her confidence and together they were collecting prizes on many competitions. He is 33 years old today and still going strong, read he is as wild as ever. He lives pensioner life on a nice farm together with two small Shetland ponies and when ever we take him for a walk or a jog he is just as fresh and crazy as he was 10 years ago. I am also happy that Mila has the chance to get the first riding experiences on this old fellow.

Spot 33 years enjoying the spring sun

Mila, Spot & ponnymormor

Spot & Sofie having fun and winning back in the day

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