Saturday, May 30, 2015

Summary of May with an illustration

If I don't get a chance to draw, paint, sew or illustrate I will become crazy. But I am mean like crazy crazy and not very nice crazy.  So I am happy and the rest of my team probably even more happy that even our newest little member gives me some time ( not a lot but at least a little time here and there) 
Here is a memory of May illustration I have made lately
The illustration started like this  

And with some more color like this..
I will go through the memories

1 ) Mila started sometime ago to ask me like a billion times a day about all sorts of objects " What does this sound like?" Not a problem when she ask about sounds of cat, dog, horse, car etc even though sometimes she doesn't agree of the sound that I make ( she is asking me even though she knows and will correct me like she is checking me on my sound intelligence...) The problem is that she also ask about noises of very quiet objects like a sandwich, a cucumber, a leaf, a tree etc. Sometimes I am creative and make up sounds for these very quiet objects but most times (like 150 000 times a day) I say "no it doesn't make a sound!" or "I don't know" and if I ask what she thinks it sounds like she looks at me like I am stupid saying "hey hey" Strange I have never had a apple, cucumber or flower saying hey hey to me but what do I know.. 

2) End of April beginning of May was a lot of pre-thoughts about the coming baby and new family member. I had hard to picture how it would be to have another baby in the team and so I can imagine Mila had even harder to picture it. She has been very aware of that the growing bump was containing a baby and because she loves babies she was looking forward but of course very abstract to take in what it will be like to have a baby at home without right to return or exchange. She was trying hard to negotiate that instead of baby Filip (a boy..) she wanted baby Sarah (her friend Lisas little-baby-sister ) She was really persistent and I was getting pretty nervous that she really would want to trade her coming brother for another baby.

3) BUT when her little brother baby Filip finally arrived she was very proud and told (read screamed) to everyone in the hospital "don't touch, that is My baby!!" and she is nothing but sweet to her little brother and wants to help to hold and change diaper. I am happy that she no longer wants to exchange him but I am sure it will come when he wants to play with her toys...

4) Here is an updated family portrait of Team Nikolovski (yes maybe slightly slimmer then IRL..)
Baby Filip joined us on the 6th of May at 22.36,  50 cm & 3,7 kg with lots of dark hair and just perfect.
Welcome to the team little man!!

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