Saturday, May 30, 2015

Update from the baby bubble

Here is a sign that I am still around even though very much in the baby bubble combined with entertaining a 2,5 year old, a building project and million other things that needs to be done. Busy indeed but not complaining and so far things is really working better then expected. Baby Filip is a sweet baby and as baby number two he has to come along on different activities from day one or at least from day five. Loren has been back in Moscow working but are here this week which is great that we are all together. Today I am home alone with baby Filip who currently is sleeping and when he is not sleeping he is eating and/or farting. Mila & Loren are having a daughter-father date day at IKEA Örebro buying a bed for Mila, a PINK bed she has ordered ( I am keeping fingers crossed that they won't find a pink but a white...) 

Mila is sharing my drawing & painting interest and it is amazing to follow her development and techniques. Here is a self-portrait combined with one of my portraits of her. 

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